Stylo for Logitec.
 Unobtrusive aluminum headset.
A bluetooth headset created by lopping off short pieces of aluminum tubing. Its surface changes over time as it accumulates the marks that come naturally through use. These details bring further depth and attachment to the product, like those of a well-loved pen used for years.

· Its manufacturing process rehabilitates a former assembly line used by Logitec to create pens. Part of the headset’s mechanism is packed into the tubing, like an ink cartridge in a pen.

2013 Computex d&i award
Aluminum tubing and alumite finish with color variations from stainless steel to brass.
I designed the headset using sketching, model making, CAD, rendering and 3D printing. Softwares in Japanese are pretty challenging.

I live in Seattle Pioneer Square. Product of France Quimper Bzh.