Oarlock for Klipsch. 
Heritage over-ear headphones.
Known for providing high quality sound, the original Klipsch Heritage over-ear headphones are manufactured in Hope, Arkansas since 1946. Designed from the most functional and premium materials available, it features die cast steel, milled wood, premium leathers, and machined aluminum components.

I started with simplifying its architecture but kept its functions. I came back to the essence of the object; more organic while keeping its original design details and overall language. I removed all edges and apparent screws and played with curves to obtain a similar profile but a more precise look and feel.

· The main metal piece embraces the shape of an oarlock, it is functional and reliable. Like most tools from the ocean : its form is reduced to what is absolutely necessary to serve its functions.

I live in Seattle Pioneer Square. Product of France Quimper Bzh.