Amazfit Ceramic Wearable.
Designed with Xiaoxi Shi and Pengtao Yu.

A smart wearable device that tracks user’s activity and sleep, sends vibration alerts for incoming calls, wakes up its user during light sleep and controls smart home devices such as lights or locks. It can be wirelessly charged and one charge lasts 10 days. A series of accessories offers the user a wide selection of styles.

2016 Red Dot Design Award
2016 iF Design Award
The ceramic shell is encased in a gold-plated metal frame through an ingenious mechanism.
Inspired by jade pendant that symbolizes happy and healthy life in Chinese culture. Each ceramic piece has undergone 30 manufacturing procedures, polished over 120000 times and fired at 1450°C to achieve the perfect luster.
Designed to withstand rigorous activities, the sport wristband is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).