Ofon for Kokuyo.
A multi-functional office furniture collection designed for small workspaces. It adapts to frequent moves, employee numbers and organization’s growth. Ofon is easily expandable and multi-functional. 

As project lead I initiated this project while at Nendo. Ofon became a spin-off company later distributed by Kokuyo.
• 2015 German design award excellent product design • 2013 Good design award
Attach multiple storage box components together.
The box shelving can function as legs for a desk.
The joint can be used to attach legs to work surfaces.
Fabric panels act as doors for the cabinets.
They can also be used as partitions between desks.
The junction piece can be screwed and unscrewed with a single coin, rather than requiring tools.
With merely a coin, you can redesign this smart furniture system.
A component-based furniture system brilliant in its simplicity.