Hive Evaporation Cooling System. 
Fresco paintings from ancient Egypt depict slaves waving fans over containers of water. This caused evaporation, which resulted in cooling. Hive is a miniature power plant that refreshes the air through water evaporation. Fill the reservoir with water and let the magic happen ! Hive can be placed on a desk and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Concept designed with Thomas Droze.
• 2012 BraunPrize winner for France, Austria and Switzerland • 2013 DreamShake Arizuka call for projects winner
Hive consists of a reservoir connected to a drip chamber. A mesh fabric catches the drops and let a regulated amount of water expands on the knitted surface. The earthen cover contains many pores letting the water exit through these small holes and evaporate. A wind turbine at the top of the power plant improves cooling efficiency by accelerating the process.
BraunPrize winner.
The jury was looking for ingenious solutions and product ideas to make our everyday a better place. 
Oliver Grabes head of Braun design, Naoto Fukasawa industrial designer, Jane Fulton Suri managing partner and creative director at IDEO, Anne Bergner BraunPrize winner 1999, Dr. Dirk Freund director R&D global Braun.
Dieter Rams at the BraunPrize exhibition at the Braun headquarters in Kronberg Germany.
As presented as an exam subject.
Water-efficient and environmentally-friendly.